auditory sculpture


LAGOM (Swedish)
Adj./Adv: just right, neither too much nor too little

Auditory Sculpture's Keith Schreiner has been busy: he's spent the last years scoring for television, crafting moods for award-winning films ("The Poodle Trainer," "Occularist") and producing the sound for bands like Portland-darling Oracle. But as a result of this success, Schreiner has found little time or space for his own music.
Enter Dan Reed, entrepreneur of the Portland, Oregon nightclub Ohm and the man to whom Schreiner credits with giving him his first home-away-from-home in the Portland music scene over ten years ago. Looking for acts for the recording label Reed was launching called ZeroOne Music, he approached Schreiner for potential artists to produce. What he got was Schreiner himself, who, having had a mutually beneficial relationship with Reed in the past, was a natural fit.
The result is LAGOM, an ambient album full of the sounds and moods which moved Schreiner into a career in music in the first place. A Swedish word with poor translation in English, LAGOM refers to the philosophy of this release: an easygoing approach to life which neither overreaches or underachieves--a style which strives for a contentment with the middle.
Auditory Sculpture's has managed to take a breath from the frenetic and hectic schedule of a successful production house, and dialed it down; he's synthesized his philosophy in a sound both fresh but nostalgic, new but reminiscent of his roots.
LAGOM fulfills the desire of Schreiner to embrace the chill, to find his center, to go home again.

LAGOM: Auditory Sculpture's forthcoming release, due in stores and online June 14, 2011.